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Candle in Hands


Our goal is to make your home smell amazing and look more beautiful with our handmade candles.


Before my marriage, I quit my job as I was moving to another city. To be honest, I was bored of it and wanted to do something of our own. After my marriage, I came home and my husband was in Mumbai. One night at around 3 am, he called me and said “Babe, I think you should start a candle-making business.” And that was the moment I realized--yes, this is what I was searching for. From that day, my journey of making candles began. My mother-in-law and I started learning and making candles. We were clear in our minds that we wouldn't start selling them until we made them the best we could. So we worked hard for more than 3 or 4 months and finally launched our first edition, “Sunlight.”

Shades of Candles is a handmade scented premium candle company. We use natural soy wax and fragnance oils to create unique and beautiful candles. Our candles are made with love in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We offer a wide variety of scents and colors, so you can find the perfect candle for your home. We believe that candles should be beautiful, fragrant, and affordable. With Shades of Candles, you can have all three!

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